60 days and counting......

So Christmas has been and gone and we are now well into January 2020.....

I have handed in my notice at work. That was scary stuff - Ive worked here for 33 years, love my job and the people I work with. But..... when the opportunity to fulfil a dream presents itself - you would be a fool not to grab it with open arms - wouldn't you ???

We have bought new uniform for ourselves and the staff - polo shirts with Company Logo!

The website is being updated and we have a brand new Instagram account.

We want to start to build on the Malama Umoyo brand.

Contractors are being sourced and materials purchased so that we can start the construction of the new bar and dining area together with the additional cottages just as soon as possible after our arrival at Malama Umoyo in early April.

And of course there is our own house at Malama Umoyo - we already have a fully functioning kitchen but the remainder of the property currently consists of a concrete plinth and a very substantial thatched roof. One of the first things we need to do when we arrive is complete the construction, adding walls and windows, so we can start to make this our home for our time in the bush.

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