All Change.

Phase 1 of the construction completed on Tuesday and we said Thank You to the construction team with food and drinks. Many of them will be back for phase 2.

We have made sound progress in the last 3 weeks and the team have been great.

As the team left the Thatchers arrived and immediately started work building scaffolding from poles.

They have made good progress with the base layer and have now started to build the thatch. We expect them to take about 10 days.

In addition we have started planning for Phase 2 which we are targeting for the end of October.

Kevin and I have now headed to Chipata for supplies (hardware and groceries) and have taken the opportunity to enjoy air con for one night! In South Luangwa the temperatures are in the high 30s by day and mid 20s by night so the air con provides a welcome respite!

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