Bring on 2021

We have said goodbye to 2020 - not quite the year we had anticipated thanks to Covid 19, National lockdowns and the resulting restrictions on travel. That being said we did manage to get to Zambia albeit for a short period.

2021 begins with renewed lockdowns following a surge in cases. The vaccination programme is well underway in the UK giving us hope that things will return to see form of normality by the end of the spring so we are making use of this time to look at increased marketing.

We have contacted many of the travel agents in Lusaka to tap into the local market and have begun the revamp of the website.

All this will enable us to hit the ground running for the new season in May.

We have also revamped the website to give it a more modern fresh feel - still needs new photos but they can be added later in the year when we get back to Zambia and have the camp fully set up for the new season. - check it out at

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