Construction completed ....... well for 2020 !!

The construction team have been and gone and we now have handrails to the decking in the dining area, the walls and steps are built and we have a bar counter and shelves.

Next year we will need to build the bush kitchen and find a way to bring refrigeration to the bar. However, for this year the construction is completed and we celebrated with the team with drinks in the bar.

This is the view the guests will have from the new decking - and our first visitor was this giraffe

The house has all the window gauze in and the doors are fitted - the bats have had to find a new roosting venue! - and the bathroom is fully functioning.

On Friday we moved into our house in the bush - we might have little or no furniture and it still needs to be completed but we can at least spend some time in it before we head back to the UK in just over two weeks.

We have also made a start clearing and securing the guest cottages in preparation for the rainy season.

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