Covid, Lockdown and travel restrictions.

Its been a while since I last gave an update on Malama Umoyo.

This year began very much like last year ended with the UK going into another full lockdown.

As we moved through April and May the lockdown has been slowly easing with people given more freedoms but International travel is only just now starting again.

The introduction of a traffic light system for travel has brought with it more uncertainty and things feel far from normal.

In South Luangwa the rainy season has come to an end and businesses prepare for the new season.Tourists are short on the ground and it looks like its going to be another difficult season for everyone.

We are working hard to sort our Investor Permit and to make plans to return to Zambia as soon as we are able - we are targeting the end of June but things remain uncertain.

As for Kevin and I - Its been a long winter. Ive returned to work for a short period to "stop me getting bored" and we will both be fully vaccinated against Covid by 5th June.

Fingers crossed we get to Zambia soon.

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