Farewell ... for now!

The last 9 weeks have flashed by and now its time to bid farewell to Malama Umoyo and for Kevin and I to return home to the UK for the next few months.

The cottages have been secured for the rains and all the furniture moved to the store and container for safety.

The kitchen is full of food for the staff over the rainy season as the village will soon be cut of with limited access to Mfuwe and necessary supplies.

On Sunday we said goodbye and headed back to Lusaka - we have Covid tests to sort out as well as some business at Immigration HQ.

I'll be honest - Im sad to leave - this place has been home for the last couple of months and we have been made to feel welcome by the community. We have worked hard, achieved lots, learned a great deal, made lots of friends and had fun too!. Its been frustrating at times ( well often actually!), the conditions have been challenging and the learning curve steep but all in all we feel that this 9 weeks has been well spent and hopefully puts us in a strong position for next season (Covid Permitting).

So on to Lusaka ..........

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