Lion Encounters

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a day of lion encounters.

We woke to find prints just 10 metres from the cottage showing that a lion had walked through camp overnight.

Around 4.30pm the baboon started making alarm calls indicating a nearby predator and within minutes we spotted two lions (a male and a female) just about 300 metres from camp, just relaxing in the heat.

We watched them from the summer house until sunset as they made their way int he general direction of the camp!

Overnight the camp reverberated to the sound of lions roaring! - they say the sound of lions can be heard for miles in the still of the night but something tells me these guys were a whole lot closer than that!!

The excitement amongst the whole team was amazing - even though they live with this day to day, it is sill special to them all. This is what life here is all about - #TIA (This Is Africa) #LivingTheDream.

By the way, the photo was taken last year in South Luangwa. Im glad to say we didn’t get quite this close yesterday!!!!

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