Life has changed over the last few weeks. Coronavirus is now classed as a pandemic and the UK is being hit hard. We are in lockdown and are only allowed to leave the house to shop for essentials, go to work if absolutely necessary or to exercise once a day.

Today is day 14 of our lockdown. Amy and Mia are both home and self isolating with us. We are finding ways of entertaining ourselves - we have rediscovered some old favourite family games and the jigsaw puzzle to help pass the time.

Our wider families are using technology to keep in touch and share some time together in these new and rather surreal times.

This situation has brought with it uncertainty around our plans. We await the relaxation of the international travel restrictions before we can plan our trip to Malama Umoyo and in the meantime try and remain positive that people will still want to plan a safari holiday once this is all over.

Keep safe and well!

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