Project Zambia - planning in full swing

As the wet season comes to South Luangwa, Malama Umoyo has now been closed up. When it opens again next season, Kevin and I will be out in Zambia as we embark on this new episode in our lives. We have dreamed about doing something like this for such a long time but it now all feels very real and more than a little bit scary.

Planning is well underway. We have decided to buy a vehicle here and ship it to Zambia so I'm now fast learning about shipping costs, routes and requirements. Over the next few weeks we need to find a vehicle to give us time to adapt it - bull bars, winch etc.. Then we need to organise shipping for early March so that it arrives in Zambia at the same time we do - its a logistical nightmare!! Good thing Kevin is a logistics expert.

In addition we need to apply for our Investor Permit before we head out next year as this not only allows us to enter Zambia but also to work when we get there. Im gathering all the documents together to enable me to make the application online. Not the easiest of processes but Im getting there.

And then there's the marketing - we know we need to achieve 50% occupancy rates to break even so are reaching out to all the contacts we have made over the years to help get the word out there. I've sent emails to Bradt and Lonely Planet Travel Guide to see if they will consider adding Malama Umoyo to their next publication.

And when I have any doubts at all ....... I just watch our new promo video and I know exactly why we are doing this!!

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