Quite a week...

We started the week saying goodbye to the thatchers who have finished the dining area roof and helped us with some repairs to one of the cottages.

As soon as they left we went into full swing preparing the cottage for our first guests. The Malama Umoyo team have clearly done this many times before and the whole operation went like clockwork. In next to no time the cottage was thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, paint touched up and all the soft furnishings added - it looks great.

Kevin and I woke up on Wednesday to find a large bull elephant looking through the gauze at us - a little disconcerting but he wandered off when he heard us.

And I have to update on the weather -- its very very hot! October in the South Luangwa Valley is hot by day and just as hot by night, making sleep almost impossible and even the simplest of tasks tiring! We keep telling ourselves - if we can cope with October, think how much we are going to enjoy May to September next year!!

The Guests leave on Monday and on the same day the construction team return for a week to finish off the dining area, build the bar counter etc and we hope to our house to the stage where we can sleep there for a few days before we head back to the UK.

The time is racing by - this time in 4 weeks we will be back home!!

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