The best laid plans of mice and men

.. oft go astray!

Who could have foreseen Coronavirus and with it the impacts on travel.

We have made the very difficult decision to postpone our departure for Zambia by a month or so. The hope is that the situation may have settled down a little by May and we should have a greater degree of clarity around the challenges we may encounter.

Kevin and I are very upset but it feels like the right decision and we are determined that we will get to Zambia as soon as we can to start this new adventure!

So now we are having to rearrange flights, accommodation and the likes. Fortunately we were just in time to stop the vehicle being loaded onto the ship but now its in Sheerness and we need to plan what to do next!

We can only begin to imagine the impact this will have on the tourism industry not only in Zambia but worldwide.

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