The tale of a truck and some thatching grass!!

Friday we expected the truck with thatching grass to arrive at camp. Come 4pm and no truck we started to make enquiries. " It left Mfuwe 2 hours ago - should be with you any time now".

Come 6pm still no sign of the truck. A call to the Game Management Area Gate told us that the truck had passed through about 3pm - its only 30 mins to camp from there, so we suspect a problem.

A search party set out from Mfuwe and found the truck 20 mins from camp in a gully with a sheered universal joint on the prop shaft!!

Nothing to do but wait until morning, remove the joint, take it to Mfuwe, engage the services of a welder to remove the damaged bolt, buy new bolts, return to the vehicle and fit them.

By 12.30pm the truck along with the grass reached camp - and boy what a lot of grass!!!!!

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