The thatch takes shape

Its Thursday and the Thatchers have been on site for 10 days as of today. The thatch on the bar is now nearly completed with just one more day to go.

We had a last minute panic as they ran out of thatching grass (can you believe that truck load wasn't enough!!!) but a quick trip back to Katete and they are back on track.

The last few days have seen the first rains and Kevin and I watch with interest as almost immediately the trees and shrubs begin to bloom and the leaves begin to sprout. U nderfoot the ground starts to become green as the grasses appear. The season is definitely changing!

The road to Mfuwe is also changing and its only a matter of time before the route becomes more difficult and eventually impassable and we have to take our leave of Malama Umoyo.

But hopefully that's some weeks away as we still have lots to do!

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