The ups and downs of life in the Bush

It’s been quite a fortnight!

We have settled in to life in the Bush and our new routines quickly - cooking on an open fire, heating water using a Bush boiler and relying on cloudless sky’s to recharge the solar lights and batteries!

Planning has commenced for the construction for 2021. We have committed to renovating the staff house and in addition want to finish the interior walls to our house, to finish off the dining facility and start building the Bush kitchen.

The construction team are due to arrive on Monday 26th July and we hope to complete the work in 3 or 4 weeks!

On Sunday we had an issue with the vehicle engine management system - the vehicle refused to drive and we faced the stressful situation of being stranded in the Bush. Thankfully whilst limited we managed to get internet connection and resorted to Google to help resolve the issues. The result - a faulty fuse !

We having been looking for the perfect spot for our guests to enjoy a sundowner! I think we have found it. And whilst looking we were joined on the flood plain by 16 giraffe enjoying the evening sunshine ! #perfect

The weather is lovely - the locals are complaining about the cold mornings but we love it - watching the sun rise in the cool is a real treat!

Tuesday we went to Mfuwe for supplies - always a little chaotic but fun! On the 90 minute drive back to camp we saw elephants and buffalo! Oh and we broke down and had to wait for 90 minutes for Nicholas to come out and tow us back to camp - back to Google to try and diagnose the issue!

Today is Thursday and at last the vehicle is fixed! (We think). We have checked the fuel, the fuel pump and cleaned the filter and water trap, removed the battery and cleaned the connections, checked the transmission fluid, cleaned the air filter, changed just about every fuse, repaired some frayed wiring loom, tightened every electrical connection we can find and …. fingers crossed …… we have a working 4 x 4!

As I say - “ the ups and downs of Bush life”!

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