Where it all began.....

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

They say that Africa gets under your skin! Well it certainly did in my case.

We first visited Africa in 2002 when my husband Kevin and daughters Amy and Mia took a trip to South Africa. That was the start of our African Adventure!.

Until now we have had to satisfy ourselves with annual visits exploring various countries and experiences. We have taken walking safari, canoed on the Zambezi, sailed in a wooden dhow and trekked for Mountain Gorilla. We have loved meeting the wonderful people and sharing a little of their culture.

Now we have decided that we want one last Big Adventure. A new challenge and something to tell our friends and family about. So we have decided we want to have our own little piece of Africa, somewhere to call home

Our search began in November 2018. Two years previous we had visited a bush camp in South Luangwa. One evening we were sitting on the river bank and imagined living in such an amazing place. So that was where we decided to concentrate our search.

South Luangwa is a very special place with remote areas to explore and walking safaris to provide a whole new experience from the traditional safari on open safari vehicle.

But where to start? Its not every day you try to find a Bush Camp for sale. I started in the only place I could - Google!!!

Elephant in South Luangwa

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